Tonata's Groups Grow in Engela District

Meeting with Emilia Shimweefeleni CAG leadership under the tree
Tonata team meets with leaders of Emilia Shimweefeleni CAG Leaders to subdivide it into smaller groups.


Tonata is now one year into it's efforts to scale up the Community Adherence Group project, and the needs of the program are evolving. Recently, a Tonata team visited Omutaku Village in Ohangwena Region, where the established support group Emilia Shimweefeleni has been growing rapidly and needs to be subdivided.

Before meeting with the group leadership, the Tonata team also met Mrs. Haihwema, the nurse in charge of Hamukoto Wakapa clinic, who oversees the refills of the support group. During the informal meeting, Tonata staff were able to discuss success and challenges with Mrs. Haihwema, and address issues that she identified.

Although the growth of the group is what we want to see, because it has grown quickly and been subdivided already, there is confusion among the membership and unclear leadership of the subgroups. Tonata took the opportunity to meet with the group leadership, clarify membership and accountability for each subgroup, and audit the group's records to ensure Tonata's data quality, (and after, the team verified the documentation of Viral loads in the Patients Care Booklet at the Facility) update viral load records from the patient care books at the clinic.

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