Quarterly Review Meeting - Y1Q4

Collaborating at QRM
Collaboration at the Quarterly Review Meeting


Tonata held its quarterly review meeting in October 2019 to reflect on success and challenges of the previous quarter, and to develop data-driven strategies to accelerate the successes and achievements that have been made in the first year of implementation of the Community Adherence Group (CAG) program. During the meeting, the district teams presented their respective district performance, and the overall program performance picture was presented by the Monitoring and Evaluation department. Despite the success of enrolling 4446 PLHIV into the community refill program in the first year of the program, this success still left Tonata behind on its yearly targets, and a pressing need to revamp its approach in order to achieve its goals in year two of the project.

Although the yearly objectives were not met, Q4 recorded impressive performance, owing to the pilot of an acceleration plan. This plan concentrated effort on health facilities with high number of number of PLHIV currently on treatment who were not yet in CAGs, and this strategy will be emphasized in the second year of implementation. Additionally, the data shows that the program has performed quite well in terms of the number of groups formed, but with relatively low average members per group, with some groups having as few as 4 or 5 members. In response to this, Tonata will also devote more resources in year two to the qualitative aspect of the program, providing Interpersonal Communication (IPC) training for groups, as well as establishing Village Savings and Loans (VSL) clubs in CAGs to support individual and group income generating activities. Being empowered with health information, and developing communication, advocacy, leadership and support skills from the IPC sessions, we expect internal recruitment within CAGs to increase, and the success of the VSL program will further increase the demand for patients on treatment to join CAGs.

After the first year of implementation of the CAG program, a number of milestones have been achieved. More and more people are able to receive their medication within their own communities, as opposed to costly journeys to the clinic, and will be better able to maintain their viral suppression without interruption. Now, with a comprehensive approach that will form new CAGs and give holistic support to those existing, Tonata is laying the groundwork to expand and accelerate the impact of the program in year two

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