Right now 1 in 8 people in Nambia currently live with HIV, meaning that all of us are affected by this epidemic. It is important for each of us to stay informed on how HIV treatment works - for ourselves, for our friends, our family members and our community. The messages listed here have been crafted to fit into a single SMS or Tweet (although in translation some messages require two SMS or Tweets to fully capture the information), and have been shared with Tonata's Community Adherence Groups. We call upon all people to share these messages on their social media platforms - we all have an obligation, and must do our part, to achieve Nambia's Vision 2030: an AIDS Free Namibia. 


Viral Load


Viral Load testing is an important element of Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART). However, recent studies show that many ART patients do not understand what Viral Load is, or how it is relevant to managing their HIV. Please share the following treatment literacy messages on your social media platforms

  • Adherence means taking the medicine at the same time every day. The more consistently one takes their medicine the more effective it becomes.
  • ‘Viral Load’ tells how many copies of the virus are in one drop of blood, this shows if the medicine is working. The less virus, the healthier one will be.
  • The goal is Viral Load less than 50 copies OR ‘Target Not Detected’. Viral Load should be measured every six months. Do you know your Viral Load?


Ngele tashi ya kepango lyo ARV, ekonakono lyUuwindji wOmbuto mOmbinzi olya simana noonkondo. Kakele, omishangwa odhindji dhanangashingeyi otadhi ulike kutya aantu oyendji mboka taya nu omiti dho ARV kaye uvite ko kutya Uuwindji wOmbuto mOmbinzi oshike, na omolwashike sha simana meshunithokonima lyombuto yo HIV.

  • Okwiiyutha kepango otashi ti ou na okunwa omiti pethimbo limwe esiku kehe. Ngele omuntu tonu omiti pethimbo ngaashi sha uthwa nena omiti otadhi longo nawa
  • “Uuwindji wOmbuto mOmbinzi” otashi tu pe kutya meta kehe lyombinzi omuna omwaalu gombuto guthike peni, sho tashi tu ulukile wo ngele omiti otadhi longo. Kuushona wombuto oko ike kuundjolowele wu li nawa
  • Elalakano okukaleka Omwaalu gwOmbuto meta kehe lyombinzi kohi 50 nenge kayi wetike. Uuwindji wombuto nau kale nokukonakonwa komwedhi omutihamano kehe. Ou shi uuwindji wombuto mombinzi yoye?


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